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non-social media websites and such i like to go on and explore. no particular order, just the ones that come to mind. will be updated regularly as i see fit. - see how the internet is feeling. includes a "random user" feature, to satisfy your curiosity. - the website of Busy Beaver Button Museum, a museum hosting a large number of pinback buttons throughout the years. the physical museum has recently reopened for smaller groups, and is located in chicago IL. - a website packed to the brim with loads of fun games, quizzes, and other goodies. the website can be a little difficult to navigate, but a list of all pages can be located to the left of the site. - view (nearly) every aircraft currently traveling in the sky. offers information and travel patterns of aircraft, as well as three free 3D views of flights. (a paid membership can be purchased allowing unlimited use of this feature.) - a list of Web 1.0 and Old Web websites still currently active. sites on 404PageFound are still in use, but have not been largely graphically updated. - similar to 404PageFound. Wiby exists as a "search engine for the old web", offering an extensive list of Web 1.0 websites. however, not many of these websites are still active in the same way 404PageFound sites are. - an online virtual television that plays various shows and commercials from the 2000s. - a Neopets-like virtual pet game with daily quests, seasonal holidays, and active updates. - press the button, receive a random website or activity to pass the time. - an archive of Yerf, one of the first online furry art websites (now defunct). - the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. - a large database of information on video game consoles and related video game technology. - play 2048 in your browser. - an archive of photos, videos, and audio of assorted wildlife species (mostly birds). owned by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. - a fullfeatured click-to-grow game where you hatch and raise Pokemon. has missions you can send your 'mons on, and fields to keep and collect them. - a sex ed site (with other useful information regarding relationships, gender, disability etc.) particularly geared towards teens and young adults. swaths of important and interesting stuff here, especially if you're a teenager beginning to navigate your own sexuality. - a virtual pet game not unlike foopets (remember?) seems to only have longhair cats at the moment.