Those who leave pawprints on our hearts stay with us forever.


Petey was my stepfathers dog, a perky Jack Russel/Pit Bull mix puppy who loved playing and lounging around the house. When Chris came into my life around 2008-2009, so did Petey, all grown up. He loved me, and I loved him. When my parents weren't there for me, my friends weren't there for me, my best bubby was. I grew up with him by my side, and he protected me, my guardian angel. He looks over me still, he looks over my friends, my loves, the guardian angels sent into my life by him. He may have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, but he has never left me.


Much like Petey, Isabelle came into my life at an early age; earlier, in fact. An energetic miniature poodle who loved her toys and her humans more than anything. The dog of my mother's mother, she was one of the first dogs in my life, as We had lived with my Mimi's family in Rural KY. As she grew older, she never lost her shine. She still went strong even at her ripe age of 13, and was always willing to play fetch. Nothing could stop her joy, and she looks over me from across the Rainbow Bridge with that playful spirit in her heart aflame.