welcome to my page... :)

my name's buddy! i'm a girl living in Kentucky, who loves computers, video games, and other girls.

i'm very passionate about nintendo consoles, us states, obscure video game/computer stuff, windows vista/7, robotic companions (aibo/i-cybie/idog), and many other things.

i have lots of robopets in my collection, namely 2 i-cybies, 2 idogs, 2 zoomers, and many furreal friends, and a few furbies. my cybies names are trixie (gen 2 gold) and andromeda (gen 1 blue). theyre sweethearts!

there are sites within this site, because well, sites are fun. you can check out my weavile shrine here and my puppies and kittens gif collection here (work in progress) and i'll put more here soon...

if it interests you, my social medias are. Twitter: wiifriend, Discord: buddey#4245, Webkinz: buddybudsters.

some other stuff i think is neat :)

seeing as you HAVE made it this far, i'll share some more places you can find me, this time they're friend codes.

switch FC: SW-2590-8394-5225
NNID: silverbadgerzz
3DS FC: 0963-6699-8812
TO DO: add my wii number here... i'll get around to that eventually.


my favorite sites

luckless heaven



cyska siberians




blinkies+graphics i like