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name: buddy
age: between 15 and 51, with a factor of 28 as a digit
species: organic, wannabe-mechanical, animal
favourite movies: balto, all dogs go to heaven, land before time, every pokemon movie, most godzilla movies, home alone.
favourite tv shows: digimon, super mario super show, guess with jess, cheers, neon genesis evangelion, HfjONE (webseries).
favourite books: watership down, the dictionary.
favourite bands: radiohead, r.e.m., pearl jam, hootie & the blowfish, dave matthews band, many more.

hey!! i'm buddy. i'm an autistic guy living, er.....somewhere. i've got lots of hobbies (guarantee you've caught onto a few already!) i'm fond of html/web design, technology (particularly that from a bygone era), art, music, and toys.
i have a propensity for collecting, and i've got a few things i keep stashes of: toys (namely soft toys, action figures, and hotwheels), cameras/camcorders, game consoles, and audio/visual equipment + media players. keeps my room and heart full.
i've got a cat (francesca), a puppy (ripley), and two budgies (luna and finnegan) who i love very much. i've also got a big sister who's also making a neocities site :) it'll be linked here when its done, so keep a look out.

hm.....what else about me?

hurlo there...
I am
-ish, bisexual, boy in a skirt, complex, creature, dude, etc., fluffy, girl lover, guy, happy, leporine, little brother, male, mister, misunderstood, mommy's boy, polysnuggler, special, wannabe
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